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We provide grants to Scottish and Canadian charities that work with young people, the elderly and veterans.

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Celebrating our 50th year anniversary

The Christina Mary Hendrie Trust is run by a small group of trustees who share a common objective to support charitable bodies that are providing much-needed assistance to some of society’s most vulnerable groups of people.

In the last 50 years, we have supported 1.000+ charities and changed the course of the lives of many people. Our commitment to the work we do; and more importantly, why we do it, is unwavering. This year, which marks our 50th year as a Trust, is a special milestone for all our trustees and beneficiaries. In celebration of our golden year, we have streamlined the online applications system to improve the experience that organisations have when they apply.

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Supporting the young and
old of Scotland & Canada

The Christina Mary Hendrie Trust is in the fortunate position of being able to provide grants to charitable bodies in Scotland and Canada.

Hardship and suffering affect all ages but the trustees are committed to supporting charities which provide predominantly for the young and the elderly.  They will also support veterans' organisations regardless of age and also support the work of hospices. This can lead to isolation and depression.  How we treat our old people says a great deal about ourselves.

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Our application process explained

Our new online portal will allow you to complete your application entirely online.  This is how it works:

Supported Charities


Review Period

±30 days

Grant Outcome

±30 days


Apply Online

When applying online, you will be asked to login to the application portal using your charity number as an ID. You can save the progress of your application and return to complete the submission process at any time. The application involves a number of questions (most are tickboxes) and requires the submission of the following supporting documents:

  • Your annual accounts
  • An explanation of your charity’s aims
  • A brief explanation of the reason you are applying for funding (whether it pertains to a specific project or day-to-day operational costs like salaries)
  • Any additional documents that may help our trustees to make a decision

Reviewing Process

The Trust convenes twice a year during March and October to review applications.

To be considered during the March meeting, applications must have reached the secretary no later than 15th February.

To be considered during the October meeting, applications must have reached the secretary by 15th September.

If they meet the criteria, late submissions will automatically be held over for consideration at the next meeting.


Application Outcome

Applications will be acknowledged, in most cases via email. If you do not receive such an acknowledgement, please contact the secretary.

If you are advised that your application has arrived late, the secretary will indicate whether you will need to update the application for later consideration.

You will be informed of an outcome as soon as possible after the March/October meeting and will receive funding shortly thereafter or as per an alternative arrangement.

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Does your organisation fit our criteria?

We do not support charities with a revenue of more than £5m, capital projects or research projects. Please do not apply if you have applied in the last five years and have been unsuccessful in your application.

You must be recognised as a charity either in Scotland or in Canada.

The primary benefactors of the support services you provide should be considered youth, the elderly or veterans.

We accept applications within education, health, social support, arts and charitable sectors.

We only support charities with an annual revenue of less than£5m.


Organisations we have supported



Teach for Canada

First Nation Canadians face many challenges, particularly those living in rural areas like Northern Ontario and Manitoba. Access to quality education is a vital component in tackling these challenges. However, all too often, teachers arrive in northern First Nations without the preparation and support they need to succeed and stay in the classroom. Teach for Canada aims to fill the gap by working with education leaders to recruit and develop teachers who have the motivations appetite and fit to be successful in this environment.

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Teapot Trust

Based in Musselburgh, East Lothian, Teapot Trust aims to enhance the lives of children, young people and their families who are suffering the impact of chronic or long term conditions. They provide art therapy and other creative work to enable children to express their feelings, build resilience and develop positive coping strategies.

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Social Work

Les Petits Frères

Les Petit Freres is based in Montreal, Quebec. Its mission is to counter isolation affecting older people. It aims to restore dignity and joy to elderly members of the community, who are all too often alone and forgotten. They provide long term pairing, home and hospital visits, outings, intergenerational activities and other programmes to bring the isolated into contact with others.

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